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A few questions.

Hello everyone! I have a few questions regarding working at Pier 1 and was hoping someone would be able to answer some of my questions. I will be starting work with Pier 1 in a few weeks so I just wanted to get a better idea of what to expect.
1. What are the longest and shortest lengths of the shifts?
2. Do you have to meet a sales quota each week/month?
3. Does everyone work at cash, shipping, with customers, etc, or are a certain number of people only cashiers, a certain number only work on the floor (and so on)?
4. Do you receive a discount?
5. How do you like the overall working atmosphere at Pier 1?

Thanks to anyone who is able to answer my questions!
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1. The shifts range anywhere from 3-8 hours, at my store atleast.

2. Each individual associate doesn't have a sales goal, but at my store, we keep a communications log at the register, so everyone that clocks in sees our goal for the day. The goal for the day is based on how well we did on this day, a year ago. (dont know if that made sense.. hehe)

3. The sales associate job is demanding. I promise you, allllll day, you will be multitasking. Customers will be asking you questions about the merchandise and you'll be opening stock and moving furniture and calling other stores and... there's just so much to do. There is not an assigned job for any one associate. Sometimes managers will have you put together a display or give you a little project around the store, but even then, your job isn't just that- you need to be looking out for customers and offer help when they walk by. Remember, .. and your manager will tell you this too, always acknowledge every customer that walks in the door. You're first month, your manager will mostlikely have you in the back, opening stock and getting it ready for the sales floor. I think this is a good idea, because it gives you a chance to personally know the merchandise, so when customers ask you questions, you have experiance with the item and sound knowledgable and professional.

4. 20% off. : )

5. I love working at Pier 1. Sometimes, it can -really- be fun. It was my first job and this is a wonderful company to learn and grow with. We offer excellent customer service, well above any Target or K-Mart. You'll also have a lot of fun out on the floor, too. Good luck and welcome to the Pier 1 family!

ps- If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

pps- You don't have to tell me if you feel uncomfortable with it, but where is your store located?
Thanks for the welcome and the reply! I agree about working in the back and being able to see all the products coming in. That's what everyone will be doing the first few weeks because the store (in Toronto, Canada) is new. After the first three weeks or so the managers have to cut some people, but I hope I am able to continue on!! As far as retail work goes, Pier 1 seems to be one of the better places. Pier 1 seems more friendly...more inviting.



October 14 2005, 23:51:31 UTC 12 years ago

I love working at Pier 1. I work at the Joplin Missouri store (494). Our shifts are anywhere from 3-9 hours...depending on the day and what is going on.

We have individual sales goals each day. We also have goals for credit apps, and intouch cards. If you make it...good for you...if not, it isnt the end of the world as long as you worked hard while you were there. I am a sales rockstar so I usually kill my sales goal. I talked someone in to buying 975 dollars worth of dinnerware just because. She came in for nothing. haha.

We all do everything, kinda. We all are cashiers, we all work on the sales floor, we are all involved in processing the truck. However, we have Zones. Each person is assigned to an area (seasonal, housewares, office, furniture, pillows, vases, florals and garden). I am housewares so I am like an expert (in my store) about Dinnerware, stemware, dining furniture, and table settings. Everyone sells these items, but often if a customer is looking for something specific in any of those areas, often they are referred to me. I generally only stock housewares items when it comes to processing the truck, because I am the one who knows where all of those items needs to be placed on the sales floor. So, we all work together, but we all have different specialty areas as well. I am going to transfer to the Springfield Missouri store (455) and I know they do things the same way.

Your discount is 20% to start with. It goes up based upon how long you are employed with the company. I have a friends who gets 45% off! Talk about awesome! If you happen to have a Pier 1 platinum card, you get an additional 10% off on Platinum Tuesday (the first tuesday of every month) so that is nice too.

I love working there, it is fun. But I will be honest with you, it is hard. I mean, I dont make any money there, I spend way more than I make. We have people who have to quit at our store because they spend too much money. One lady quit in January because her husband said she wasnt making any money. She finally just finished paying off her pier 1 bill this month. 10 months later! So it is tempting. We have that problem alot at our store. It is too hard to pass up an 800 dollar entertainment center if it is maked down to 200 dollars plus your discount. Fortunately for me, i will be graduating from college in december and I will be heading off to get a teaching job so maybe I can stop buying crap!!
You'll never stop buying it. I haven't worked in a store for 6 months now, and I still go and buy crap all of the time!

You miss working there after a while and feel drawn to go in every once in a while to check out the new stuff.
Thanks for the info. It looks like different stores do things slightly differently (in regards to the sales goals). I have a feeling most of my paycheck will also be spent at Pier 1. I'm a sucker for candles and margarita glasses (and I don't even drink!).