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After a half hour of wandering about at Target, I gave up my search for the perfect reading lamp and headed off to Pier 1. Let me tell you right now: I have the best ex-husband in the world. Not only did he accompany me to the Brodie Lane Pier 1, he made the extra trip with me to the Airport Blvd location so that I could have the last red star holiday floor lamp in all of Austin. I also got a trio of star tea light holders (orange, blue and green).

I don't know why sipping hot tea in a candle-lit room blisses me out, but it does. I spent the better part of Saturday evening curled up on the couch, happy and content. If I was a cat, I would have been purring.

There is a matching chandelier to the holiday lamp. And that paisley chair I've been fantasizing about is still on sale. Sooooooo tempting...
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